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About us

Your partner before, during and after a trade. 'Companion' stands for our desire for close ties with our customers. We want more than a buyer / seller relationship.

We want a partnership with common goals and problem solving.

'FIT' is of course connected with the industry that we act in, but it also stands for our flexible structure. The distance between you and a decision maker in our company is short – even in case of repairing of a fault or deficiency in the equipment..

Our company consists of 3 persons who have more than 10 years experience in the fitness industry, and therefore know the most thorough needs, both for your fitness centre and for your members.

Product Philosophy

Quality and design for the mature and modern consumer.

We have chosen only to represent some of the world's leading brands within fitness and medical.

Our range of equipment is located in the highly professional end of the spectrum. Quality costs. This is nothing new. But ultimately it is worthwhile to invest a little extra in quality and exquisite design.

Our products must meet high standards of quality, price, design, usability, comfort and safety. All of this is something which the modern, mature and deep-pocketed consumer demands. With several strong competitors, it is even more essential for us to focus on just quality.

Especially if you want to access the market's most lucrative audience.

We continually strive to expand our portfolio with other quality products to meet the market demands.

Consulting and Knowledge

Knowledge and tools are included in the bargain.

We are equipped to answer any questions you may have about the equipment, or for example about setting up a completely new Studio. Economics, finance, interior, target group(s), operations and marketing are just some of the issues we can help you decide.

In addition to advice and support, we always draw up a plan with our customers so they have sufficient knowledge on how to operate the new machines.

Fixed Conditions

You always know where you have FitCompanion.

We work with authentic and comprehensive communication on the basis of the principle of ‘no nonsense’.

This means that we never conceal the facts. We are not afraid to convey any bad news, and we will readily inform you on both the advantages and disadvantages of our own products.

And you get everything on paper - from pricing and discount policy to the service policy.

We treat all our customers equally, and therefore everyone will be offered the same attractive terms.


Your problem is our problem.

We take pride in preventing stoppages and remedying complaints in the fastest and best manner. Our goal is to be the absolute best and fastest, so that our clients suffer as little as possible during any stoppages. Therefore, we have spare parts for all machines in stock in Romania.

Prevention is the starting point for our work to service your machinery. We pay you a visit in order to check that the machines are running as they should - before any damage occurs.

Preventive visits are part of our service offerings, based on your contract. In the contract we take the number of members and the size of your machinery into account.

We handle everything from installation to assembling and servicing.

Obviously, our engineers have received technical training from our respective suppliers.

Vision and Mission

It is our mission to provide our customers with the best mix of equipment based on the right products, the right knowledge and the right tools to differentiate themselves.

By supplying only equipment of first quality, we ensure that our customers get the right products, and our many years of experience in the industry and our daily involvement in trends ensure that you get the right knowledge and the right tools.

At a time when a steadily increasing number of people are affected by lifestyle diseases, the concept "medical fitness" is gaining more and more focus. Therefore, we closely monitor the trends in both training and treatment. We are in close contact with both worlds at a daily basis.

It is our stated aim to add value, seriousness and professionalism to the industry through our partner philosophy and no nonsense approach.

Fitness Products

We are the exclusive dealers for gym80, Emotion, Jordan fitness, Frevola and many more high-quality brands on the international fitness market.

gym80 International

Notable quality, and a design that caress the eye.

gym80's latest line of fitness equipment is called Sygnum and it sets a new standard. The new line has also brought the German label several awards, including the Body Life Award.

gym80 offer maximum training comfort and power, and minimal maintenance and noise. gym80 has the largest selection of machines, so you are ensured a multitude of variations within the same brand.

gym80 Sygnum consists, inter alia, of the following elements:

  •  Sygnum Line - weight stack based machines
  •  Sygnum Medical - several extra features
  •  Sygnum Basic & Plate Loaded - free weights, various benches
  •  Sygnum Circular - class training with equipment

Contact us for more information and read more at gym80's website

Emotion Fitness

Emotion Fitness was established in 1992 by Helmut Klein, who is a former professional athlete in whitewater canoeing as well as the national coach for flat-water canoeing from 1977 to 1989. He is a graduate student in Science of Sports and Exercise from the University of Cologne. Emotion Fitness is a specialist in cardio equipment and production takes place in Germany.

Emotion Fitness produces high quality equipment with modern design, very durable, with very low maintenance, for both the professional fitness and the medical market. All products are known for high functionality and high performance, and has all necessary approvals and is certified to be able to deliver to the medical market.

Emotions Fitness is a family owned business and their philosophy has remained unchanged: "we want to offer you an ideal workout and want to make individual specifications possible by building the machines in Germany."

Jordan Fitness

Established in 1991, Jordan specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of commercial quality Free Weights, Flooring and Studio equipment to both trade and retail clients across the UK, Europe and USA.

Always listening to client feedback we refine existing designs and produce innovative new ones to keep us at the forefront of the fitness industry.

By keeping our overheads low, stock levels high and continually investing in new and more efficient systems we have been able to become one of the largest companies in our field. From home gyms to large multi site facilities we can supply a full range of quality products at short notice from our large stocks held both in the UK and mainland Europe.

Large Stocks! We carry some of the largest stocks in Europe so your desired products should always be in stock.

We offer:

  • A team of friendly fitness professionals that offer a first class service
  • 19 years of worldwide commercial fitness experience
  • The worlds leading premium fitness products
  • Free design and layout

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